I Just Stepped Out

Book Design

by Felix Dennis. 2015, Ebury Press.

Complete design layout for; jacket, hard cover, end papers, inside pages and CD artwork.

Due to the circumstances under which this collection of poems were written – being that Felix compiled this book after having been told he had terminal cancer – the brief was to give this book a more dignified, sedate and sophisticated tone than previous books. By using devices such as a muted limited colour palette and a light weight font I think I achieved this. This was a very difficult project to work from an emotional perspective as I felt added pressure to make this, the last book I would work on with Felix, something special. Sadly Felix died before the book was published – but I sincerely hope it would have been a book that he was proud of.

For each of the books I have worked on I have worked closely with Felix Dennis, Caroline Rush on production and the printers at Butler, Tanner & Dennis.


About this book:
In October 2013 Felix was told he had terminal cancer. He was in the midst of ‘Did I Mention the Free Wine?’ (his own 30-day poetry reading tour) and characteristically he chose to continue, performing to sell-out audiences with his legendary verve and enthusiasm. He also began compiling this, his tenth, book of verse. Divided into two parts: the first, ‘Premonitions’, is a selection of poems written over the years when, in Felix’s words, ‘the heart knew what the mind dared not perceive’. Having always lived on the edge, he intuited an early death. The second part, ‘A Verse Diary’, consists of poems selected by Dennis from the many he wrote between the date of his terminal diagnosis and his death – poems that, he felt, were possibly the best he had ever written. Topped and tailed with the Author’s Notes, this book takes readers on a physical, emotional and psychological journey. Sadly, Felix Dennis did not live to see its publication.

Source: felixdennis.com