A Garret in Goodge Street

Book Design

by Mark Williams, 2012.

Complete design layout for cover and inside pages.

A 200 page book detailing the history of the first 40 years of Dennis Publishing Ltd. I worked closely with the printers Butler & Tanner, Caroline Rush on production and the cartoonist Hunt Emerson who illustrated each of the title pages for the 12 chapters as well as the front cover. This book has a fold out cover on both the front and back to show the extensive list of titles dating back to 1968.


About this book:
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Dennis Publishing has published a limited edition one thousand copies of A Garret in Goodge Street: The First 40 years of Dennis Publishing. A true labour of love, the stunning book recounts the company’s journey since its launch in 1973, and captures the essence of what Dennis Publishing was and where it came from, right up to where the company is now.

Illustrated with caricatures by Hunt Emerson and photographs from the personal collections of many Dennis staffers (past and present), A Garret in Goodge Street: The First 40 years of Dennis Publishing is a brilliant historical account of life in the publishing world, littered with juicy interviews and anecdotes.

Felix Dennis, Chairman and owner of Dennis Publishing, said: “There is blood, sweat, tears and triumph within these beautifully printed pages. For many of us, the walls and halls of Bunch/Dennis provided the backdrop and stage for the best years of our lives. My hope is that this book will fuel a determination that the Dennis of the future remains as free-spirited, as anarchic and as wedded to survival and success as ever.”

Dennis continued: “Not everything in the book is true, however… Memory and time are enemies to accuracy and to proportionality – some personalities and events have been omitted that might have been included, and others have had their parts inflated – all making for a fantastically entertaining read.”
Source: dennis.co.uk